After 23 years (yes, you read that right – 23 years!!) of courting the business, your Convention Bureau is very excited to announce that the New York Association for Pupil Transportation – NYAPT -  will be coming to Saratoga Springs!  NYAPT had made Albany a permanent home, and the 2009 conference marked their 26th year on Wolf Road. While Saratoga had tried to win this business away from Albany many times over the years, the group ultimately decided not to move.  Our most recent bid effort started in March of 2008, with sales manager Heather McElhiney, along with hotel partners, making several sales calls on the Albany headquarters office.  We gained the groups attention with news of an expanding City Center – something that was desperately needed if they were to come to Saratoga.  Efforts continued throughout the year and into the next, with Kathy Denkenberger and David Zunker getting involved in the courting as well.  After several meetings with the Executive Director, three site visits for various members of the NYAPT Board and members of the Annual Conference Planning Committee, extensive hotel and City Center involvement and support, and a group presentation to the NYAPT Board of Directors, we got the news that the board had voted to come to Saratoga for three years!  This conference will bring roughly 700 attendees and 1450 room nights each year for three years, starting in July of 2010.  We are all very excited to welcome NYAPT to Saratoga!

Heather McElhiney, Convention Sales Manager