Saratoga Springs has long been a tourist attraction. Though certainly the Saratoga experience has been modified to satisfy the demands of popular culture (and quite successfully!), the cornerstones of a community once framed around the appeal of natural resources and man-made attractions remain. A tourism industry built off of the first racetrack in the nation, an organic spa of mineral baths and fresh air, a pioneer attitude threaded nto the fabric of a bustling city, and a respect for its history as the "Turning Point of the American Revolution", Saratoga Springs has attracted the likes of businesses, celebrities, entrepreneurs, weary travelers and young families alike. Today, Saratoga Springs has taken these cornerstones and stretched them across other industries, literally providing a slice of the pie for everyone.

Because of its convenient location - just three hours from Boston, New York and Montreal, Saratoga Springs has often been a resting place for weary travelers. As the hospitality industry grew in conjunction with travelling professionals, Saratoga Springs kept up. Our plethora of hotels and luxury resorts are the choice to host your conference or company retreat. If you're travelling with children, keep in mind the family friendly activities all summer long held at the Children's Museum, National Museum of Dance (complete with an area to play dress up and choreograph your own ballet), and the public beaches and boat rentals of Saratoga Lake and nearby Lake George. Additionally, SPAC hosts family nights on Fridays. Bring your kids, a blanket and an appetite for award-winning classics.

Saratoga is the summer place to be.