With it's accessibility to major metropolitan areas, period architecture, army of local talent and untouched natural landscapes and beauty, Saratoga Springs has been the choice for location scouts and production studios for years. Films related to turn of the century affluence, the American Revolution, and certainly horse racing, have been filmed on location in Saratoga Springs and our neighboring communities. In 1937, Clark Gable starred in "Saratoga", a film about a bookie who falls in love in Saratoga after taking on a stud farm in lieu of gambling debts. Naturally, Robert Redford chose Saratoga as the setting for his adaptation of The Horse Whisperer, while Academy Award best picture nominated, Seabiscuit set up shop in and around Saratoga Springs to tell the story of the incredible underdog. The earliest known movie filmed on location and aptly named (depending on your luck) was "His Last Dollar" filmed in 1914.

One of Saratoga's other preserved attractions - its period architecture - has also served as the backdrop for several movies unrelated to Horse Racing. Billy Bathgate, a depression era gangster drama starring Dustin Hoffman utilized our pristinely-kept buildings to realistically bring the script to life. Likewise, The Time Machine, a Sci-fi film based on the H.G. Wells novel, used Saratoga's Victorian era architecture as the setting for its turn of the century scenes.

Of movies and music (among other mediums), Saratoga Springs has provided substantial fodder and served as a muse to many. Rumor has it Don McLean wrote "American Pie" in our very own Tin and Lint, and if you're not familiar with the the song from which the lyrics ring out: "Well I hear you went up to Saratoga and your horse naturally won..." you should be - particularly if you are a woman scorned.