Saratoga Springs, NY, Is a Great Place for a Destination Wedding

If Cinderella had had her pick of wedding destinations, we’re tempted to believe that she would have opted out of Magic Kingdom in favor of the class, elegance, and history that is Saratoga Springs. After all, while we may not have fairy godmothers or mice that can speak, we do tout a rather impressive list of venues and product providers who would have made even the girl of cinders excited.

Among some of the most royal-worthy locales is Canfield Casino, in the heart of Congress Park. Surrounded by greenery, one of the country’s oldest wooden carousels, statues, and babbling fountains, the sprawling ballroom is a highly desirable backdrop for even the most humble of princess brides.

The grounds of Saratoga Polo also offer a suitable locale enriched by Saratoga’s equestrian emphasis. Whether in the sophisticated clubhouse or the whimsical glass-enclosed outdoor tent, guests will arrive to find a truly breathtaking scene that appropriately sets the tone for a lifetime commitment. In fact, we dare say that even Prince Charming would approve this backdrop.

With a motto of “all you have to do is dream,” the Hall of Springs is a magnificently stoic setting. Featuring high vaulted ceilings flanked by massive marble columns and chandeliers that are dripping with Belgian crystals, the blank slate alone sets the mood for a lifetime of memories.

Finally, Saratoga National Golf Course offers a divine setting for a wedding at any time of year. From the budding greenery of Spring to the tranquil flurry of Winter snow, Saratoga National provides five separate on-site venues to create a perfect wedding event that is individually tailored. Simply put, Saratoga National is glass slipper worthy.

Although these are the most noteworthy and popular wedding locales, the truth is that Saratoga features numerous hidden gems that have, at one time or another, been the setting for someone’s magical moment. Whatever your pleasure, whatever your fancy, there’s a Saratoga space waiting to make your fairytale come true.