Times are tough. We are all aware of the nasty downslide the economy is in. It is more important than ever to be sure to get your name out there. A membership with the Saratoga Convention & Tourism Bureau is a great place to start. The more potential customers that see your name the more likely they will be to come see what the buzz is all about.  The Bureau’s main objective with our members is to help increase business. Our new and improved website is a great tool for getting exposure. The hits to our website are up thousands compared to this time last year. We are getting ready to produce The Ultimate Saratoga Map for 2009. The map is full of member information (Business name, address, phone and a brief 10 word description) and we have 20,000 copies printed! These maps are given to all attendees of trade shows, corporate meetings, and conventions as they register for their events. We are also willing to put any collateral material member businesses want to give us, such as menus, flyers, coupons, or business cards.

The Bureau reaches thousands of corporate travelers. For example, in September, we had 4,175 attendees, in October, we had 6,680 attendees and in November, we have had 6,325 attendees to trade shows, conventions, and corporate events.   After track season, the Bureau is responsible for bringing 17,180 attendees and their dollars to Saratoga. We are equally as busy in the spring and we have quite a few events confirmed for the winter months also. You can’t argue with those numbers. The Bureau plays a huge part in the economic stability of Saratoga Springs and Saratoga County. For information on membership and to find out how to get in touch with the decision makers for these groups, call the Bureau today!

Connie Crudo, Membership and Services Coordinator