Everyone’s taste varies.  So choosing a motivating speaker for your next conference can be difficult.  Always take a look at the speakers’ video(s) before contacting them.  Video excerpts can help you weed out the speakers that just won’t be right for your group.  If you like what you see in the video, take a look at their track record.  Have they spoken to groups with similar memberships?  Will they customize their presentation to meet the needs of your group?  Nothing is worse than hearing a generic speech that doesn’t apply to your members.  Be clear about your objectives for the presentation and make them clear to the speakers you interview.   Ask a few questions and see if they are “on the same page”  as you.  Finally, get a sense of their rapport skills.  Will they be able to connect with your members in a way that will both educate and entertain?  Speaker selection can be as difficult as employee selection.  In the end, always go with your gut.

By Bureau member Judi Clements, President Judi Clements Training & Development