A very important piece of legislation passed in New York in late June that could have a significant impact on business coming to Saratoga. Saratoga Springs has long been a destination for wedding business over the years. This has been a market segment that we, as a Bureau, have serviced but until now, really haven’t had our arms around proactively selling or marketing. That’s about to change. With the passage of the Same-Sex Marriage Bill, we recognize the significant opportunity to market Saratoga Springs to an entirely new, affluent and mature wedding market. We are working to develop our strategy that will position Saratoga, and all that makes us a unique and attractive destination, to traditional couples as well as same sex and trans-gender couples. We encourage our partners and members to work with us to make this a win-win for all.

Looking forward to the coming months, our lodging partners are telling us that they are pacing (occupancy) ahead of last year, which is great news. NYRA has indicated that they are expecting a strong race meet at Saratoga and we are certainly seeing the impact of extended-stay overnight business from the massive Global Foundries project in Malta. Our convention & group business is also pacing ahead of last year and the faces of our visitors continue to become more diverse with more and more people from around the world coming to Saratoga. So, please help us welcome our guests as only Saratogians can and are famous for.

Have a great summer!