You got off a long flight, you are new to the Saratoga area, and you have an overall interest is in sports. So you may wonder: what does Saratoga have to offer to peak my interest? When it comes to the sports of Saratoga, it offers the unique presentation of sports shown on local and national television.

Horse racing

An equestrian sport known to be called by British society the “Sports of Kings”, This sport is raced at the Saratoga Race Course, which was opened back in 1963.


A 2500 year-old game that is one of the fastest, roughest, and most dangerous sports played today on thoroughbred horses. Played at Whitney Field, its local club is the Saratoga Polo Association.


America’s first sport. A combination of basketball, soccer and hockey, this fast-paced sport it’s one of the fastest growing team sports in the United States. With different teams in the Saratoga area, there is no shortage of game play and excitement to miss out.

Ice Hockey

Evolving from field hockey in Northern Europe and starting back in 1875, ice hockey is the most popular team sport played on ice. Saratoga offers its Blue Knights, the youth hockey team that brings intensity and flare to the game on ice.

Saratoga is a location with a variety of sports to either watch or participate in. If sports are an interest of yours, this city is primed to peak your interest and get you tuned in to the local action.