National Geographic Traveler recently wrote about Summer in Saratoga, New York!

Michele Riggi sits at a table as friends come and visit. (she is wearing a very large pink hat) Images inside Saratoga Spa State Park, including images of one of the springs. -------- Also, some images of the exterior of the Gideon Putnam Resort with flowers in front. -------- A family picnics in front of one of the buildings in Saratoga Spa State Park. Lindsay Cogan (mom, Zachary, 3 (blue stripe shirt) Denise Snyder (black coat,  (518) 928-7565 ---------- Visiters to SPAC taste beer, wine and food under a rainbow in Saratoga Spa State Park -------- The Philadelphia Orchestra performs at SPAC. -------- The Roosevelt Baths at night. ----------- Morning at the stables behind the Saratoga race track. ----------- Women dressed up with fancy hats at a Breast Cancer fundraiser during Fabulous Fillies  day at Saratoga race track. Sylvia Kravis (older light  flower print and black dress with feathery black and red hat) Also, Michele Riggi sits at a table as friends come and visit. (she is wearing a very large pink hat) ------ Horses race at the race track. Remote images.

"We decided that our article would focus on the summer “season” in Saratoga, when the town springs to life with cultural performances, galas, polo matches, and, most importantly, horse racing at the Saratoga Race Course. As I edited the photos, it became clear that the season included many long-standing traditions, among them ladies wearing hats at the races and parties. Some hats are enormous and bold and demand to be noticed, while others are demure and understated. This tradition of fancy hats and racing dates back to the earliest days of the Royal Ascot, memorably depicted in My Fair Lady, when Eliza Doolittle makes her high-society debut at the races...."

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Accomplished photographers Amy Toensing and Matt Moyer collaborated on the story “Summer in Saratoga” for Traveler magazine. The married duo sat down with Sarah Polger, a senior producer with Nat Geo Travel, and spoke about their first assignment together.