• Chowder Tour Participants

    Introducing Chowder Fest 'N Tour! Chowder lovers will have the ability to dine-in or purchase pints and quarts to-go at participating restaurants Saturday, March 19th through Saturday, March 26th.

    Discover Saratoga will end the week with the traditional Chowderfest celebration on Saturday, March 26th from 11am to 4pm. There will be live entertainment and family-friendly activities throughout downtown Saratoga Springs. Event goers can try $2 (4oz) samples of chowder and vote for their favorite.

    *Check back regularly for participating restaurants! The list is updated daily.


    9 Miles East

    Thai Coconut Chowder (vegan)

    Open 7am-9:30pm daily

    $7 pint and $12 quart


    30 Lake

    30 Lake Chowder

    Mon., Tues., Thurs. and Fri. 4pm-8pm

    Closed Sun. and Wed.

    $10 pint and $16 quart


    Bailey’s Café

    French Onion Chowder

    Available 7 days a week starting at 11am

    $10 pints and $18 quarts to-go

    Dine-in normal sizes and prices


    Boca Bistro

    Roasted Corn & Poblano Pepper Chowder (Vegetarian)

    Available Sat., Sun., Mon., Tues., Fri.,11:30am-9pm

    $8 Pints To-Go


    Bookmakers Restaurant & Lounge at the Holiday Inn, Saratoga Springs

    Barbecue Pulled Pork Chowder

    Available 4pm-10pm every day

    $6 pint and $10 quart


    Brasserie Benelux

    Saratoga Loaded Potato Leek Chowder

    Wed. & Th. 4pm-10pm, Fr.i 12pm-10:30pm, Sat. 12pm-10:30pm, Sun. 12pm-10pm

    $9 pint and $18 quart

    Vegetarian options


    Bread Basket Bakery (Hampstead Location)

    Wholesome Veggie Chowder

    Open 7am-3pm Daily

    Closed Monday

    $7 Quart To-Go


    Bread Basket Bakery (Spring Street Location)

    Wholesome Veggie Chowder

    Open 7am-3pm Daily

    Closed Monday

    $7 Quart To-Go



    Creamy Chicken Jalapeño Chowder

    Available 12pm-close every day

    $10 pint and $18 quart


    Chianti Ristorante

    Spiced Lentil “Ciao-Der” (Vegetarian, Gluten Free)

    Sat., Sun., Wed., Thurs., Fri., 5pm-9pm

    $8 Pints To-Go


    Diamond Club Restaurant

    Philly Cheesesteak Chowder and Thai Coconut Curry Chowder

    Open daily from 11:30am-10pm

    $6 pint and $11 quart


    Dizzy Chicken Wood Fired Rotisserie

    Brazilian Smoked Seafood Chowder


    Closed Sunday

    $10 Pint and $18 Quart


    Druthers Brewing Company

    Smoked Chicken, Black Bean & Broccoli Chowder

    Sun.-Thurs. 12-9pm & Fri. 12-10pm

    $10 Pint and $18 Quart


    Dunning Street Station

    Shrimp and Bacon With Roasted Corn, Topped With a Fried Scallop

    Available Tues. – Sat. 3pm-9pm

    $12 Pint and $22 Quart


    Forno Bistro

    Maryland Style Clam Chowder

    Chowder available Tuesday-Friday 5pm-9pm

    $8 Pints To-Go


    Smoked chicken-sweet corn chowder

    Sat., March 19 10am-close, Sun., Tues., Wed., Thurs., 2pm-close, Fri., 12pm-close

    $10 pint and $18 quart


    Hattie’s Restaurant

    Andouille & Corn Chowder

    No to-go options (dine in only)

    Wed. – Fri. 5pm-9pm


    Ice House

    Reuben Chowder

    Sun. 12pm-8pm, Mon. 3pm-9pm, Thurs. 3pm-9pm, Fri. 3pm-11pm

    $9 pint and $16 quart


    Jacob & Anthony’s American Grille

    Jacob’s Chowder

    Tues., Wed., & Thurs. 4pm-8pm, Fri. 4pm-9pm & Sat. 11am-9pm

    Closed Sun. & Mon.

    $10 Pint and $18 Quart



    Corn Chowder (Vegan)

    Sun., 11am-2pm, Mon.-Fri. 11am-4pm and Sat. 11am-3pm

    $8 pint and $14 quart


    Morrissey's Lounge

    Lobster Chowder

    $22 pint and $40 quart



    Nashville of Saratoga

    Nashville Hot Chicken Chowder

    Available 11am-10pm daily

    $5 Pint and $15 Quart


    Nostalgia Ale House & Wine Bar

    Chicken Wing Chowder

    $9 pints

    Tues., Wed., Thurs. 4pm-10pm and Fri. 4pm-11pm  

    Closed Sun. and Mon.


    Parting Glass

    Luck of the Irish Chowder

    Mon.-Fri. 1-8pm

    Closed Sunday

    $10 Pint and $18 Quart


    PJ’s BAR-B-QSA

    Vegetarian Corn Chowder With Smoked Veggies (BBQ Meats May Be Added)

    Wed. & Thurs. 11am-7pm, Fri. & Sat. 11am-8pm, Sun. 11am-7pm

    Closed Mon. & Tues.

    12 oz. bowl $7.95 


    Ribbon Café

    Southwest Shrimp Corn Chowder Topped Tequila Lime Bacon and a Wonton Popper

    Lox Chowder also available

    $6 bowl, $12 pint & $22 quart

    Chowder available every day 8am-3pm


    Salt & Char

    Shrimp & Clam Sunchoke Chowder

    Tues. – Sat. 5pm-9pm

    $15 per bowl, $22 per pint & $40 per quart


    Saratoga Winery

    Torched Cherry Cheesesteak Chowder

    Sun. (3/20) 10am-4pm, Thurs. (3/24) & Fri. (3/25) 12pm-8pm, Sat 2/26 Serving from City Center 11am-4pm 

    $10 Pint and $20 Quart


    Simply Food by Maura

    Mac & Cheese Chowder

    Sat., Sun., Wed., Thurs., Fri., 7am-2pm

    $7.99 Pint and $11.99 Quart


    Spa Cafe on Broadway

    Lobster and Crab Corn Chowder

    Open Mon. - Fri. 8am-2:30pm

    (Closed Sat. 3/26)

    $10 cups and $12 bowls

    $19.95 pint and $24.95 quart


    Taquero Tacos and Donuts

    Clam & Chorizo Chowder

    $6 bowls, $8 pints and $16 quarts


    Taverna Novo

    The Happy Bastard’s Chowder

    Sun., Mon., Thurs, Fri., Sat. 4pm-8pm

    $8 pint and $15 quart


    The Barrelhouse

    Classic Clam Chowder

    Available Wed-Sat. noon to 10pm

    Pint and quart prices TBD


    The Brick at 2 West

    New Orleans Cajun Chicken & Corn Chowder

    Open daily 11am-10pm

    $8 pint & $15 quart


    The Inn at Saratoga

    Roasted Corn and Andouille Sausage

    Tuesday - Saturday from 5-9pm,  bar opens at 4pm

    $8 pint and $16 quart


    The Local Pub & Teahouse

    Irish Chowder (gluten free)

    Sun. 9:30am-10pm, Mon.-Thurs. 11:30am-10pm,

    Fri. 11:30am-11pm, & Sat. 9:30am-11pm

    $4 Cup and $6 Bowl


    The Wine Bar

    Clam & Scallop Chowder

    Sun. 2pm-8pm, Wed.-Fri. 4pm-9pm  

    $14 pint and $28 quart


    Thirsty Owl Bistro

    Seafood Chowder

    Sun. through Thurs. 11:30am-8:00pm/Fri. & Sat. 11:30am-9pm

    $20 Pint and $40 quart


    West Ave Chicken

    Colonel Chowder

    Every day 11am-8pm

    $4.99 pint


    West Ave Pizza

    Ravioli Soup

    Every day 11am-9pm

    $4.99 pint



    West Side Sports Bar & Grill

    Cajun Chicken Corn Chowder

    Monday through Sunday 11am-10pm

    $8 pints and $12 quarts