One of the biggest stressors when traveling anywhere is finding parking. Luckily, Saratoga Springs has an ample variety of parking spots and garages for your next trip—some of which you might not have known existed. We’ve got the lowdown on the best places to park while visiting Saratoga Springs.

Parking Lots


High Rock Avenue and Lake Avenue

1 High Rock Ave | Saratoga Springs, NY | 12866

This parking lot is currently under construction. 

The Saratoga Springs City Center parking garage is underway! The Flat Rock Parking Facility will hold approximately 600 parking spots, including a pedestrian bridge that will connect the parking garage directly to the City Center. The facility will include electric car re-charging stations, security phones with direct dial to the Saratoga Springs Police Station, and an overnight security guard on premise. The parking garage is expected to be completed in fall of 2020.


494 Broadway | Saratoga Springs, NY | 12866

Across from Walton Street there’s a parking lot off Broadway. This lot is within close proximity to City Hall.

Cost: free for 2 hours 9am-6pm, and free after 6pm

Hours of operation: 24 hours

*Handicap spaces available

Spring Street

11 Henry Street | Saratoga Springs, NY| 12866

Located just across the street from Putnam Street garage and next to Congress Park.

Cost: free

Hours of operation: 24 hours

*Handicap spaces available

Saratoga Springs Public Library

50 Putnam Street| Saratoga Springs, NY | 12866

Located just outside Saratoga Springs Public Library.

Cost: free

Hours of operation: 24 hours

Henry Street

51-61 Henry Street | Saratoga Springs, NY | 12866

This lot can be found north of the Saratoga Springs Public Library off Henry Street.

Cost: free

Hours of operation: 24 hours

*Handicap spaces available

Congress Plaza

68 Congress Street | Saratoga Springs, NY | 12866

This large lot is located within the Congress Plaza which occupies Embassy Suites, CVS, Purdy’s Wine & Liquor, restaurants and more. Parking spaces are free for patrons.

Cost: free

Hours of operation: 24 hours

*Handicap spaces available

Saratoga Parking Garages

Woodlawn Parking Garage in Saratoga Springs

Woodlawn Ave

34 Woodlawn Ave. | Saratoga Springs, NY | 12866

This covered parking garage is a great parking option in downtown Saratoga Springs with a total of 443 spaces and 4 levels in total. The garage is only a half block off the main strip of Broadway.

Cost: free

Hours of operation: 24 hours

*Handicap spaces available

Putnam Street

21 Putnam Street | Saratoga Springs, NY | 12866

Putnam Street’s covered parking lot is the most popular parking spot due to its close proximity to downtown shopping, dining and attractions. This lot, though a bit smaller than Woodlawn’s, is right in the heart of the main downtown strip.

Cost: free**

Hours of operation: 24 hours

*Handicap spaces available

**Recreation Department Youth Parking Program Putnam Street Garage, Lower Deck only. All proceeds benefit the youth programs of Saratoga Springs Recreation Department. Starts 1st weekend in July and ends on Labor Day. 

Friday/Saturday- $10.00

Sunday-Thursday- $8.00

Cash only  

 Free on Tuesdays

 Fee is only charged between posted operating hours when staff is there, typically 4:00pm-9:00pm.  Cars parked before or after the operating hours will not be towed or charged however all cars must still obey all standard parking rules and posted signs.

Walton Street

37 Walton Street | Saratoga Springs, NY | 12866

The Walton Street parking garage is a convenient option with its proximity to the post office and other businesses on the north end of Broadway.

Cost: free, 3 hour time limit

Hours of operation: 24 hours

*Handicap spaces available

Pro tip: Find parking availability and pricing easily on ParkMe so you’re prepared when you get here.

Reserve Parking in Saratoga

SpaceDerby provides advance parking reservations for Saratoga Race Course and SPAC concerts. Book online, or call (855) 337-2963 for all summer dates in Saratoga Springs.

Street Parking

Cars driving through downtown Saratoga Springs

There are countless options for street parking throughout the city of Saratoga Springs. Spots can be taken quickly on the main strip of Broadway, so I recommend searching on side streets if necessary. Pay attention to the signage on each street, as some spots may be 2-hour parking or restricted. The city of Saratoga Springs strictly enforces these parking regulations, so make sure to adhere to all signs and meters. 

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