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Immerse Yourself in Saratoga’s Rich History

Saratoga’s distinct history and heritage is the core of the city’s culture and way of life. Originally known as “the Queen of the Spas,” Saratoga is a thriving City in the Country.  

The naturally carbonated mineral waters of Saratoga Springs, NY, are one of the area’s greatest assets and flow heavily charged with carbon dioxide gas and many vital minerals in solution. Historically, Mohawk and Iroquois tribes drank and bathed in these waters for its healing properties. Today, locals and visitors alike can drink and bathe in Saratoga mineral baths around town and at The Roosevelt Baths and Spa at the Gideon Putnam Resort, to ease ailments, improve skin and overall health. 

In 1863, John Morrissey organized Saratoga’s first thoroughbred meet a month after the Battle of Gettysburg, which marked the beginning of “the oldest race track in America.” The Saratoga Race Course also received recognition as the oldest sport facility in the country! In 1864, the Saratoga Racing Association named a stakes race for William Travers, a race that became the oldest major thoroughbred horse race in America. Today, Saratoga Spring’s population triples when the thoroughbreds return each summer. 

Get a glimpse into the history of Saratoga, New York. 

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