Travel vlogger Sarah Funky shares her favorite Saratoga activities in the latest video, 11 Things to do in Saratoga Springs. This Saratoga-native showcases the history behind the city's mineral springs, horse racing and the iconic Saratoga monument. Even if you're not a history buff, there's so many ways to enjoy Saratoga's rich culture. From museums that inspire to a bustling dining and shopping scene in our walkable downtown, you're sure to have an itinerary filled with activities that suit you.

Watch the video below to get inspired for your trip to Saratoga, NY!

Tips for visiting Saratoga Springs

Did you know the first-ever potato chip originated in Saratoga? Or that Seabiscuit with Tobey Maguire was filmed here? Check out Funky's video on Tips for Visiting Saratoga Springs to learn more fun facts the Spa City before your trip. You'll learn must-know tips to help plan your visit from parking and transportation to our top events and area specialties you'll need to try.

If you'd like more information on the community or dog-friendly locations, stop by our frequently asked questions page.

Get the Saratoga look

Your trip to Saratoga isn't complete without the perfect outfit. Take it from Funky, who sports outfits throughout the videos from Lucia Boutique, Saratoga Saddlery, Lifestyles of Saratoga and MW Neighborhoods. Use this list of Saratoga boutique stores before your next shopping trip.

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