Last summer, we launched our Stay Safe Pledge, a set of health and safety guidelines for both businesses and consumers. Our local businesses and hotel partners have taken this pledge, demonstrating their commitment to helping minimize the spread of COVID-19 and keeping us safe and healthy.

In this blog series, we will interview a Discover Saratoga member who has taken the pledge and discuss what actions they have implemented to keep their employees and customers safe. We will also discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on their business and their outlook for the future. Today’s Q&A is with Alexander Straus, owner of The Night Owl.


What enhanced cleaning procedures do you have in place to keep your guests safe?

We conduct a thorough sanitizing wipe down of all high touch services surfaces and bathrooms on an hourly schedule as well as hand sanitizer at all entrances and bathrooms. We also wipe down all menus, surfaces, and seating after each use. Our venue has a deep cleaning top to bottom each night with attention to sanitizing all surfaces that employees and guests come in contact with.


How has the limited capacity and closing times affected your business?

The limited capacity has reduced business, but we have been very fortunate to have a large outdoor space for people to spread out comfortably. We believe the limited closing time has driven the spread of the virus further by giving people the only option of house parties after the enforced curfew. House parties are where we have seen the vast majority of cases coming from. Nevertheless, we are happy to offer a fun night out in a safe environment for our guests from 5-11pm on Fridays and Saturday, and hopefully much later soon.


What are the most common questions you receive from people calling for information?

Do we have any tables available! During the winter, our capacity does drop considerably and we have been fortunate to be fully booked for our limited capacity each weekend.


Have you noticed a change in what people are ordering or the amount people are drinking?

Funny enough, no. People are just partying earlier it seems.


You are offering food now! How is that going? What is the most popular food item you currently have on your menu?

Yes! We are very happy to have added an exceptional food program with Chef Bjorn Burke at the helm. Formerly of 15 Church and Bailey's, the food he is putting out is beautiful, unpretentious, and just really, really delicious.


What is your outlook for the future?

We are extremely optimistic, believe it or not! Although it’s been a hard year, we have grown and put everything back into making the Night Owl a destination for a memorable night out with friends and family. Be it early cocktails, a candlelight dinner, or cocktails and apps while grooving to one of our excellent DJs. 


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