• Saratoga Welcomes CSEA 2020 Occupational Safety and Health Conference

    When: April 17-19, 2020

    Where: Saratoga Springs City Center & Saratoga Hilton

    Alternate City Center Parking: 249 Excelsior Ave (See Map)

    Step 1: Event registration 

    Register here (Opens in New Window) for the CSEA 2020 Occupational Safety and Health Conference.

    Registration is to be completed by March 9, 2020

    A conference registration fee of $170 is required for all members attending the conference and staying overnight at our hotels in Saratoga. For members in the Saratoga area who are commuting to the conference, the day rates (which include the registration fee) will be $90 for Friday, $65 for Saturday, and $15 for Sunday.

    Fees must be paid by check, made payable to CSEA, and sent via certified mail to: CSEA Finance Department143 Washington Avenue Albany, NY 12210

    Attention: Peter Diana

    Notation on the check should indicate 'OSH Conference'

    Step 2: Make hotel reservations

    Book your stay at one of the following hotels.


    Saratoga Hilton (headquarter hotel)
    **SOLD OUT**

    Rate: $197

    Booking Link


    Pavilion Grand Hotel

    Rate: $149-$300

    Please call (518) 583-2727 to make a reservations and use code CS20.


    Embassy Suites
    **SOLD OUT**

    Rate: $239

    Code: SEA

    Booking Link


    Holiday Inn

    Rate: $199

    Code: C20

    (518) 584-4550


    Courtyard Marriot

    Rate: $169

    Booking Link


    Residence Inn

    Rate: $169

    Booking Link


    Hampton Inn & Suites

    Rate: $195

    Booking Link


    Homewood Suites

    Rate: $189

    Code: CSE

    Booking Link


    Homewood Suites

    Rate: $149

    Booking Link



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