The many ducks in Congress Park have been a staple of Saratoga for years. They can be seen swimming in the various ponds, lounging in the sun on the lush grasses, or being fed (even though they aren’t supposed to be) by locals and tourists. Casual parkgoers will often stop and sit to watch the ducks and their daily activities. 



However, there is one time of the year that is THE BEST to see the infamous Congress park ducks. During the spring months of late March and early April, baby ducks are born. If you plan to visit Saratoga in April, it is the perfect time to see them. 


Congress Park is wonderful for casual walks, picnics, riding the carousel, or even weddings. However, the most popular activity in the park is sitting by the “Duck Pond” and watching the tiny birds splash around. Be sure to see what's “Quack-A-Lacking” and check out Congress Park and the ducks next time you’re in Saratoga Springs.