Discover Saratoga is your home for all things Belmont! Explore the events taking place in Saratoga County during the festival - there's something for everyone!

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Unique, Convenient Locations for Film and TV Projects 

Saratoga County and Saratoga Springs offer unique interior and exterior locations in an area that is convenient, affordable, and full of history.

Saratoga Springs, NY is one of those special places that people return to again and again. There's something new to explore with every visit and for every visitor - rich history, spectacular outdoor settings, unique and quaint city streetscapes, and a wide variety of interior spaces from luxurious to simple.

Saratoga is also home to Saratoga Performing Arts Center and Saratoga Race Course, one of the Country's oldest and most beautiful racetracks.


Aerial photo of Snake Hill on Saratoga Lake in autumn with foliage and a boat skimming along the water.

horses racing on

People roaming the streets of downtown saratoga

We can help find local crew, talent, equipment, services, vendors and discounted sleeping rooms FREE OF CHARGE!