The oft-heard phrase, "Summer in Saratoga," and the popular Saratoga Race Course's "The August Place to Be" are used repeatedly by locals and tourists alike. And with good reason. 

Horses racing around the race track

There's the Saratoga racing season, of course. And the SPAC season which includes Live Nation concerts, the New York City Ballet and the Philadelphia Orchestra. There are restaurants, bars and nightclubs, the Saratoga Casino, and the museums (the Saratoga Springs History Museum, the National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame, the Automobile Museum, the NYS Military Museum and the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame). There's polo. There are parks and hiking trails.  There are galas, events, fundraisers and parties. The list goes on and on and on.

Crowded lawn at SPAC during a concert

But the simplest and most easily defined attraction of Saratoga is its overall beauty. We take such pride in our city, in its history and its charm. And that pride is shown at every turn. 

The Hathorn Spring surrounded by flowers

We thought, since summer is beginning to wind down (did we really just say that??), that we would like to take a little photo stroll around town and share some of that beauty before the flowers fade and the leaves begin to fall.

Flower bed with bright green plants along Broadway

Each season here has its own unique beauty and charm...that goes without saying but, for now, let's focus on the sights of summer in Saratoga! We will begin with Broadway...

Sidewalk dining outside the Blue Hen along Broadway

Adirondack Trust on Broadway with its flag.

Yellow awning of Saratoga Juice along Broadway

Next, we come to the Saratoga Springs Heritage Area Visitor Center, a wealth of information on all things Saratoga! Across from the Visitor Center is Congress Park with its beautiful War Memorial, the Spirit of Life, Spit and Spat, the carousel, and mineral springs.

Saratoga Springs Visitor Center with rows of flags in the front

Many flowers surrounding an entrance to Congress Park

Spirit of Life surrounded by red geraniums in Congress Park

Spit and Spat in Congress Park

A spring in Congress Park surrounded by green trees and grass

Carousel in Congress Park with plants in front of it

Spirit of Life and two large shadows, lit up at night

War Memorial and fountain in pond lit up at night

The following two photos were taken at the Saratoga Race Course, and the third was taken at the Oklahoma Track during an early morning workout.

Horses being led into the paddock.

Crowd of people walking under red and white awnings at the track.

Horse running during workouts.

We can't have a complete photo tour without a couple of photos of Saratoga Lake...

Saratoga Lake at sunrise

Saratoga Lake at sunset with a kayaker in silhouette.

A few shots in and around the Saratoga Spa State Park...the flower beds at the Route 9 entrance to the park, the Hall of Springs, and the Lincoln Baths.

Flowers at Rt. 9 entrance to park.

The Hall of Springs surrounded by trees and flowers

The Lincoln Baths with white flowers in front of it.

And, as the final stop on our photo tour of Saratoga, the always beautiful Yaddo Gardens.

Yaddo Gardens with pergola in background

Hopefully, you've enjoyed this little trip around town. Whether you currently live here, come as a visitor, or have moved away and miss your home town, we hope these photos remind you of all the things that make Saratoga so special!