Concert season is right around the corner and everyone is excited. Whether you're attending your very first SPAC concert, or you’re a frequent attendee, here are some tips for everyone.

  1. Arrive at SPAC early

One of the most frustrating things about concerts is the parking. If you plan on driving to the concert make sure to arrive early to get a great parking spot. This eliminates the stress of being late to the concert because of parking or having trouble getting out when it’s finished. 

  1. Bring a clear bag

Not many people know that SPAC requires visitors to have a clear bag when they attend concerts. Don’t be caught in a tricky situation of stashing your favorite purse or bag in a bush outside the venue. Bring a clear bag, or no bag at all to avoid that.

  1. Stay hydrated

Many people enjoying the concert like to be on the lawn hanging out with friends. It’s a fun place to be, and oftentimes you end up meeting new people. However, it can get very crowded and hot, so be sure to drink lots of liquids when you’re there. SPAC allows each visitor to bring in an unopened plastic water bottle, and we definitely recommend this!

  1. Enjoy all the great food and drinks they have to offer

One cool thing about attending a concert at SPAC is all of the great food and drinks they have to offer! Local businesses have tents and food trucks set up for great grab-and-go options. Take advantage of this feature when attending a concert. SPAC also has its own food and drink booths set up around the venue for convenience.

  1. Stick together

Going with friends or family is a large part of what makes SPAC concerts so much fun. It’s important to remember that there will be a lot of other people at the venue as well. This means you should always stick together with the people you came with, because if you separate it will be hard to find each other again. 


Hopefully, these tips will help make sure your concert experience is seamless and fun! For more information about the venue and current offers visit