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Marketers spend endless hours looking for ways they can reach their target audience. As a result, the challenge in this is that more times than not traditional methods can be difficult and a slow-moving process. In order to make an immediate splash in starting a business or unveiling a new product, you will need to generate interest in unique and sometimes unconventional ways such as using alternative methods of marketing. Therefore, when done correctly you can create a personal connection with your target audience. After all, who doesn’t love to feel like they are receiving personalized messaging?

We are here to go through some alternative marketing methods with you. Read through, map out, and begin to implement some of these tactics! Additionally, be sure to track how well each method is working too because keeping track of your return on investment is vital to your business’ growth!

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Buzz marketing, also known as word-of-mouth marketing focuses on customers passing along information. Now you already may be asking how can you implement this if it relies on my customers? Consequently, there are some preconditions of buzz marketing for it to correctly work. First, your product must be either unique, new, or better than the competition. Second, your brand must stand out. Third, your advertising needs to be memorable, intriguing, different, and unique. Lastly, you need to get the consumer involved with your brand.

In addition, utilizing proper branding practices can give you a memorable, cohesive image throughout all of your channels that presents your product as better than the rest. Therefore, when this perception is combined with a personalized, consistent brand message you will be able to create a “buzz” for your brand.


Guerrilla marketing uses alternative tactics and settings to find creative ways of doing things. This tactic works well when you have limited resources or want to expand your marketing without expanding your budget. Therefore, with the use of media, advertising, public relations, and surprises you can reach your customers with personal communication that hits close to home. Most importantly, building a relationship with your customers should be the goal of guerrilla marketing. In addition, by getting them to react a certain way there is a greater chance that your messaging will turn them into loyal brand ambassadors.

As an example, check out how Snickers used guerrilla marketing tactics throughout New York City to create a buzz in a funny and personalized way! Be careful to avoid any repercussions from your actions too!


Lifestyle marketing involves making contact with customers in a relaxed setting and pinpointing their hobbies through your messaging. For instance, included in this which many of you may already do without knowing is interacting with your customers at places such as farmer’s markets, festivals, and other places where there are a large amount of customers at once. In addition, potential customers at these places most likely have a few similar hobbies or interests.

Similarly, it is important to capitalize on these interests and provide potential customers with something of value. For instance, Red Bull does a great job of marketing their products at events such as extreme sports, where many people are much more likely to drink their products.

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Experiential marketing is a combination of direct marketing, field marketing, and sales promotions. Rather than simply giving away free samples this tactic aims at engaging with customers at various locations or events. For instance, offering guests of a festival a sample of your product first, and pitching them on why it should be valued by them is a perfect example of this. If the product is desired after, the customer can be offered a discount or an add-on for interacting and trying out the product.

There are a few steps to make sure this is effective. First, you must choose a clear market segment to target. Second, choose the right time and place to engage customers. Third, ensure the experience represents the brand in a positive light towards customers.


Product placement involves inserting your brand or product into some type of media. For instance, this could be any visual-based advertisement (Which should be them all!). It is a widespread belief in the marketing world that products or brands placed in advertisements will lead to increased awareness and give off a positive attitude towards the brand. Above all, this does not have to be done on a large scale, you can start local and see how awareness for your product increases.

As an example, a defining moment in product placement was in 1982 when Reese’s Pieces were used to lure E.T. out of hiding. More recently companies have offered enormous amounts of money to have their products viewed in movies.

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Unsure where to start with some of these ideas? Contact us to learn how to mix traditional channels and these alternative marketing methods! Above all, reaching the maximum amount of customers in a unique and memorable way will help your business to grow!

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