On April 11, 2024, we will celebrate Global Meetings Industry Day—an incredibly important opportunity for businesses and destinations across the world to recognize that Meetings Matter for a multitude of reasons—and their benefits are critical to both our businesses and our communities.

In 2023, there was nearly $119 billion in meeting and event related travel spending in the U.S.—directly supporting more than 600,000 American jobs. Meetings play a critical role in bolstering the American economy.

Meetings drive education, knowledge, and communal understanding on critical subjects—advancing fields that are crucial to our societal well-being.

The benefits of meetings range from the tangible to intangible—benefiting local economies and businesses while simultaneously fueling individual growth, long-lasting connections and mutual respect.



The Discover Saratoga Group Market is responsible for 1 in 5 room nights booked in the city. 

In 2023, Discover Saratoga worked with 479 groups representing over 96,000 overnight rooms with an estimated economic impact of $69.8 million. 

Inquiries for new business rose by 45% in 2022, indicating that our tradeshow attendance and marketing efforts are key to increasing awareness of our destination.


This Global Meetings Industry Day, we will celebrate more than just meetings themselves—but also the benefits that often go unnoticed by meeting attendees and members of the community in which they are hosted.

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