Track season is in full swing! Whether you’re an experienced bettor or just out to have an enjoyable day at the track, here are some tips and fun tricks for betting at the Saratoga Race Course.

Wear your lucky outfit - Put on your favorite outfit, wear your socks inside out, or a fancy hat to conjure up some luck!

Two women dressed up with large hats at track

Look at the statistics - Grab a Post Parade program to see what horses are racing and what their odds are for the day. Reference this book so you can make informed bets, and not shoot in the dark.

Go by feeling or a lucky number - If you have a feeling that Baby Yoda, Robin Sparkles, or Wonka is going to win, bet on them! (Fun tip: I like to bet the gray horses!)

Talk to other people - If you’re at the track with a more experienced bettor or friend, ask for advice! There are people who study these horses and their statistics relentlessly. Have a conversation and see what they think. 

Bet a small amount - Don’t go crazy and put $200 on one horse. Start small and bet $2-5 on each race. It’s fun when you win, but it’s more fun when you go home without a huge dent in your bank account. 

Do your research - If you’re new to horse racing, read up on the Saratoga Race Course before you come. For betting tips, check out the Racing Dudes, or pick up a racing tip sheet on your way into the track.

Large crowd of people standing at the fence for a race

Have fun - Win or lose, the Saratoga Race Course is a place where people can come together and watch a great race. Betting on the horses is fun, but so is spending time with the people important to you.

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