Whether this is your first time or tenth time attending Chowderfest we want to make your experience the best it can be. Consider us your go-to guide with exclusive insight for an amazing Chowderfest!


Appropriate Apparel

Make sure to check the weather before heading out! Although it's looking to be on the warmer side this year, gloves are always a good idea since your fingers will be exposed holding and enjoying delicious chowder. If we could recommend specific gloves they'd be touchscreen ones so you can text, call, and use the Discover Saratoga mobile app without having to take off your gloves! If you want to hit the most vendors as possible, you've got to be ready for a lot of walking. Choosing comfortable footwear is key.


group of people posing for photo on the street at chowderfest

ATM Locations

Cash is king! Each 4oz. sample is $2 so it's helpful to have a wad of 1's at your disposal. If you didn't get cash before Chowderfest, here's a list of ATM's in and around downtown.

Adirondack Trust (473 Broadway), Bank of America (27 Division St), Berkshire Bank (3025 Rt 50 Wilton), Citizens Bank (34 Congress St), First New York (3057 Rt 50 Wilton), Holiday Inn (232 Broadway), Key Bank (21 Congress St), NBT Bank (295 Broadway), Purdy's Liquors (70 Congress St), Saratoga Hospital (211 Church St), Saratoga National (91 West Ave), Trustco Bank (34 Congress St), Wells Fargo Bank (54 Phila St).


Assemble a group

With Chowderfest anticipating to bring in a crowd of 40,000 people, lines are inevitable. Gather all your friends and family so you don't have to wait in the lines alone. The more the merrier!


Chowderfest Merch

Before you chow down on the goods, stop by The Saratoga Springs City Center (522 Broadway) or the Visitors Center (297 Broadway) for t-shirts, or beanies before we run out! These are hot sellers so get one quick and rock it all day long! In efforts to become more sustainable, we've created a reusable spoon that you can buy and bring with you to Chowderfest for years to come! Spoons are available at the The Saratoga Springs City Center and the Visitors Center as well.

Spoons, t-shirts, and beanies are all available at the Visitors Center starting Tuesday February 6!


Chowderfest 2023

Dinner Reservations

If you're not too full of chowder and are looking to have dinner after the event, be sure to make a reservation before hand. People will be making their way in and out of restaurants so you don't want to be stuck with no where to eat! Check out our Eat & Drink page to chose a place that speaks to you.


Download the Mobile App

We are conducting an exciting promotion during Chowderfest this year! Attendees who download the new mobile app and check in at participating establishments will earn entries into a drawing for $1,000 in gift cards to Saratoga businesses and restaurants. One winner will be chosen. Further details will be available on the app! Download on Google Play or the App Store.



9 Porta Potties will be available downtown Saratoga Springs: 3 at Parting Glass (40-42 Lake Ave), 5 across from the Saratoga Springs Public Library (Putnam Street), and 1 on Spring Street near the Ben & Jerry's (34 Phila Street) parking lot. Public restrooms are also available at the Visitors Center (297 Broadway), The Saratoga Springs City Center (522 Broadway), City Hall (474 Broadway), and Congress Park (320 Broadway).