Were you one of the more than 30,000 people taking part in this past Saturday's Chowderfest? The weather was perfect. Although cloudy, it was close to 40 degrees throughout much of the afternoon, drawing guests to the 93 participating restaurants (11 of whom were new to the event), each offering their own unique and delicious chowder.  Whether you chose to spend your afternoon walking and sampling throughout the downtown area, or perhaps driving one of the "outer loops" of restaurants, there was a diverse and tasty selection of chowders. From Chorizo Sweet Potato Corn Chowder, to House Smoked Bacon & Poblano Chowder, to Kentucky Bourbon Sweet Potato Bisque, the options were endless. 

Peabody's servers behind warmers handing chowder to customer

Guy wearing a red lobster hat

If you were looking for something other than a hot chowder, you were in luck there as well. Among the dessert chowders offered were a Sweet and Salty Custard "Chowder," a Dessert Tiramisu "Chowder," and a Dessert Sundae "Chowder."

And chowder wasn't the only thing on the menu! Sperry's had a tiki-themed pig roast, complete with pop-up tiki bar! The Mouzon House had a tarot card reader. There was live music at several indoor venues, as well as DJ's and radio stations throughout downtown. Plenty for the kids as well, with balloon sculptures and face painting at the City Center

Saratoga Chowderfest brings visitors to the area during an otherwise slower time of year, and has been doing so for 22 years. According to Connie Crudo, the event coordinator, "Chowderfest is a great opportunity to get out and explore Saratoga County. It has grown beyond just downtown Saratoga Springs and brings people from all over out to enjoy the best chowders they will ever taste! We want to send a huge shoutout from our staff here at Discover Saratoga to everyone who helps make this event the success that it is year after year!"

Family on the street posing with 3 small children

Four servers posing with smiles

Awards were given in several divisions of "number of bowls served," with the winners as follows:

People's Choice 500 bowls or less: Ribbon Cafe, Southwest Shrimp Corn Chowder with tequila bacon

People's Choice 501-750 bowls: Bentley's Tavern, Sweet Harvest Chorizo Chowder

People's Choice 751-1,000 bowls: The Mill on Round Lake, Davey Jones Seafood Chowder

People's Choice 1,001-1,500 bowls: Solevo Kitchen & Social, Clams Casino Chowder

People's Choice 1,501-2,000 bowls: The Wesley Community, Smokey Shrimp and Grilled Andouille Sausage Chowder

People's Choice 2,001-3,000 bowls: Courtyard by Marriott, Smoked Buffalo Chicken Chowder

People's Choice 3,001-4,000 bowls: Parting Glass, Luck of the Irish Seafood Chowder

People's Choice 4,001+ bowls: Dango's, Chicken Wing Chowder

Best Dessert Chowder: Sweet Mimi's, Tiramisu Dessert Chowder

Saranac Cup: Bookmakers at the Holiday Inn, Saranac Lager Philly Cheesesteak Chowder

We have lots of photos to share, a great overview of a Saratoga day filled with family, friends and food.

Large crowd of people in CF shirts posing against blank wall

Street scene of crowd

Three servers at Sperrys wearing leis

People walking in and out of the Visitor Center

Tent and clam chowder sign outside VC

Serving chowder at Adelphi

Father with two kids in jogging stroller

People dressed in neon clothing posing

Two servers at Druthers talking

Five members of Druthers staff in group pic

Druthers group eating chowder

Sperrys entrance to pig roast

Baby wearing CF hat in stroller

Beth and Jasper posing in the Hatties alley

Group on street posing with chowders

Group of 7 girls posing together

Group of 5 men and 2 boys dressed in yellow plaid

Two servers dishing up FroYo at Plum

Servers inside at 30 Lake

Girl with yellow hat serving chowder to customer

2 Kids with Tinker Toy construction at City Center

Balloonatics lady creating a sculpture

Group of 4 kids watching balloon lady

Girl having rainbow painted on her forehead

Bartenders working inside at the Mouzon House

Two servers standing behind chowder at Mouzon

Tarot card reader at Mouzon with cards laid out in front of her

Stairway climb display

Tiki bar at Sperrys with large crowd


Two women inside Baileys serving chowder

Three women serving hot chowder

Group of 5 posing underneath CF sign

Group sitting in ADK chairs outside Nite Owl

Crowd on Caroline Street

Girl posing in front of Tatu with crowd behind her

Woman ladeling chowder into bowl for Fitzys

Three employees serving for the Gideon in front of City Center

Guys standing in front of C Center serving chowder

Cashier at Ben and Jerrys taking money at counter

Man leaning out window over crowd at Hatties

Two women waiting in line

Solevo dressed up as casino dealers

Scallions posing with soup

Henry Street Taproom chowder table with vendors

Darryl posing with the owners of Plum

Interior shot of new Flatbread decor with hanging terrariums

Crowd around table outside of City Hall

Server with giant black wig showing his chowder

Crowd posing on sidewalk holding chowder

Crowded Caroline Street

Embassy Chefs posing in kitchen

West Side Stadium 3 servers in front of TVs

Guys standing in line outside the Adelphi

Couple posing at end of line at Druthers

Crowd inside the Stadium

Garland Nelson performing at Embassy SuitesThree little girls with balloons

Dizzy Chicken servers posing with chowder

Darryl in front of Chowderfest sign at Seneca

Shuttle bus picking up people in front of Congress Park

Team photo